Manitoba Photo Events presents…

The Creative Urge – Where does it take us?

What is it that motivates us to pick up a camera? What sparks the creative urge? During this presentation, Viktoria will examine these questions in relation to her own photography. She will also look at the reasons why she chooses to work as a generalist photographer rather than specializing in one photographic genre, and how that choice influences her work and creativity.

Inspired by Nature

As a photographer that shoots across many different genres (landscapes, nature, lifestyle, weddings etc.), nature is very much a core influence in Viktoria’s work. This presentation will look at how nature inspires and shapes the images she produces.

Mood and Emotion

It is often images that show us more than mere replication of the world, that we engage with more deeply. How do we capture, create, or emphasize mood and emotion with our photography?

What Next?

Who are we creating for and what do we do with those creations? How do external influences impact the work we produce? Viktoria will look at the use of social media and how to give back to the photographic community and beyond.

Slideshow of Viktoria Haack’s work