2017 – Dave Brosha

The Life, Adventure  – in this inspiring talk, Dave will present images from his travels/adventures from around the world, including not only far-flung destinations like Egypt, Nepal, Greenland, but also from adventures within Canada, including the High Arctic.  Rather than just being a travel slideshow, Dave will discuss topics like “why do we explore?”, “the ethics of travel photography”, and how you can find adventure within your own local area.

The Light, Fantastic  – In this talk focused on the art of portraiture, will discuss why you should not only understand all kinds of light, but embrace shifting conditions, as well – even light conditions that some might shy away from.  But more than simply a talk on light, this talk aims to look deeper into what portraiture is and why it is so important. 

Tones of Grace/Place – Dave is the founder and editor of both Tones of Grace and Tones of Place, online communities of black and white portrait and landscape photography enthusiasts.  In this talk, Dave will discuss the art and craft of B+W nature and portrait photography including discussions on composition, minimalism, tones, contrast, and learning from the masters.

Family Matters – A lot of serious photographers shudder at the mention of family portraiture.  In this talk, Dave will explain why he went from being completely adverse to the concept of family photography to making it one of the cornerstones of what he captures.