2018 – Paul Zizka

The Power of the Human Element in Landscape Photography: The addition of people in landscape scenes has exploded in recent years, both in his own work and in the photography community as a whole. In this talk, Paul explores the reasons why he choose to include the human element in his own landscape work through several examples.

A Method to the Madness: The Importance of a Field Workflow in Landscape Photography: The term workflow in photography almost always prompts people to think about post-processing, but is there value to having a proper workflow during image capture as well? In this presentation he breaks down how he approaches a scene in the field in a way to keep the process methodical, efficient and enjoyable.

Lessons in Adventure Photography: Paul has spent a good part of the last 10 years shooting adventure in the Canadian Rockies but also in the high latitudes. In this talk, he shares a few stories behind the images, and offer a few tips for fellow adventure shooters.

Shooting Stars: A Zooming Introduction to Astrophotography: In this last talk he takes on the bold proposition of providing a whirlwind introduction to nighttime photography, from focusing and composing in the dark, to settings, to touching on specific topics such as northern lights, the Milky Way and star trails.